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Artist Books
Throughout his career, Dennis Summers has also made artist books. They have been displayed internationally, and some are included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, and other institutions. (Most are sold out). The most recent book, Thoughts on Ray Vibrations: The Box (2000) (Edition 100 in various formats) was made to accompany the installation of the same name, and is seen here. Copies remain available.
Interactive Artist Book
In 1996 Dennis Summers received an artist grant from the State of Michigan to create an enhanced interactive CD-ROM. Called Crosslinked Genome or Data Fugue it included three interactive interfaces programmed in Oracle Media Objects. He considered this to be an interactive non-linear artist book. It was included in an early traveling exhibition of digital art called Contact Zones: the Art of CD-ROM. It's webpage is here. In addition, it can be played as an audio disc with music by Destroy All Monsters. Copies of this remain available too. Although the interactive programs need a little special attention to work on more contemporary Windows operating systems, the music plays fine on any standard cd deck.
Award Winning Computer Animated Short Movies
The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even . . . more. (1999)
This two minute video is based on the artwork "painted" on glass, and created by Marcel Duchamp titled The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. It was recreated as a 3D digital model, and its components were animated following the artist's notes. An audio track was added that correlates with the motion of the components. It concludes with a moment that explains why and how the glass came to be cracked. It has been screened internationally at film festivals, and other public venues winning several awards. As art critic Kenneth Baker put it: "it set[s] in motion -- plausibly and hilariously -- [Duchamp's] mechanical allegory of sex."
Thoughts On Ray Vibrations (2000)
This five minute video is a re-edit of 2 animations that were created as part of a multi-media installation project with the same name. The imagery includes computer generated objects and natural ones. They loosely relates to themes of communication, language extinction, electromagnetism, spiritual forces and sacrifice. The audio was excerpted from the writings of the scientist Michael Faraday. It has been screened internationally at film festivals, and other public venues.

The Whipping Off Moss Distinction Blues (2005)
This animation was inspired by the war in Iraq, but is really a general commentary on politics, power and death. It includes altered video, 3D models and animation, effects, music, and computer generated sounds all composited into a complex media experience. Some of these elements include old blues songs, and archetypal film and TV fragments that have been modified and recombined. It has been screened internationally at film festivals, and other public venues.